Illegal logging of rosewood from the rainforests of northeastern Madagascar continues…

Maroantsetra: Where the Rosewood Disappears with the Chainsaw

Rosewood is the target of massive and illicit exploitation which has continued for several decades, financed by a network of local and regional traffickers. The law seems to have no effect on this rosewood mafia: the network is sprawling and aggressive.

The illegal harvesting of rosewood has continued and become even worse in 2022 with the use of sophisticated machines. Chainsaws now abound throughout the Maroantsetra district [just south of Marojejy, near Masoala National Park]: they have become the tools of choice for traffickers. Clovis Razafimalala, who chairs the Lampogno coalition of approximately ten environmental associations, is concerned that illegal logging is increasing through the use of these powerful tools: “In just one week, a logger can cut down up to 10 hectares of land.”

A person is holding a large piece of machinery, grinding a piece of wood