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General Information and Trip Planning

If you have any questions at all about Marojejy or the surrounding areas in northeastern Madagascar, please contact us at Marojejy is our passion, and we are always happy to talk about it.

For a few additional tips and recommendations on trip planning and travel in the area, please see our Logistics page.

Park Management

Marojejy National Park is managed by the Andapa office of Madagascar National Parks. Questions or comments about park management may be addressed to the Park Director:  

Directeur du Parc
Parc National de Marojejy — MNP
B.P. 19, Andapa 205, Madagascar

phone: +261 32.09.402.16, email:

NGOs Working in the Marojejy Area — How You Can Help

Several organizations operate programs in the Marojejy area which support local villagers in their efforts to protect their environment and improve health and education standards.  Two organizations with active, vibrant programs are Duke Lemur Center SAVA Conservation and the Lemur Conservation Foundation. Both have local offices in Sambava and are involved in a number of projects, including environmental education, reforestation, family planning and lemur research. Your donations and support are important to the success of these programs and are always welcome.

Duke Lemur Center SAVA Conservation logo

Lemur Conservation Foundation logo

SAVA Tourism

Marojejy is located in Madagascar’s SAVA Region, which is named after its four major towns:  Sambava, Andapa, Vohémar and Antalaha.

Tourisme SAVA, the local tourism office, offers information on a wealth of activities available throughout this remarkable area of northeastern Madagascar.  Please see their website for more information (website is only in French).

Soaland Discovery is a tour operator based in the SAVA Region providing both tours and accommodation throughout the area.  Check out their website to learn about their tours and see their different lodging options.   

Nearby Parks & Reserves

Please see our Visiting SAVA page for short descriptions and contact information on some of the many beautiful parks and reserves in the SAVA Region.

Hotels & Lodges



  • Flavien’s Farm (tent camping next to the Lokoho River, 1.5 km from the Marojejy Visitor Center)



  • Miavana Resort — phone: +261 / 32.40.332.00
  • La Baie d’Iharana — phone: +261 /, email:
  • Hotel Galaxy — phone: +261 32.02.507.10 / 34.02.507.10, email:
  • Hotel La Residence d’Iharana — phone: +261


Masoala National Park

Close-up of a bright purple flower, perfectly formed, with yellow stamen

A cup-shaped mushroom with a white underside and brown top grows out of a green, mossy tree trunk

A flower with six petals, alternating pink and white, and a bright yellow center

A flower with pinkish-lavender petals and numerous yellow stamens pointing straight up

A cluster of brilliant red mushrooms

A cluster of small, bell-shaped pink flowers on a slender stalk