We are delighted to learn that the well-regarded American NGO, Wildlife Madagascar, has designated Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve (near Marojejy) as one of its first “conservation field sites.” Wildlife Madagascar is committed to working with local communities to conserve Madagascar’s extraordinary biodiversity; to that end, they will be conducting research, conservation and tourism activities in Anjanaharibe-Sud that will benefit both the wildlife and the local people. They are also planning on establishing a field office in Andapa.

Dr. Tim Eppley, Chief Conservation Officer of Wildlife Madagascar, recently visited Anjanaharibe-Sud and Marojejy and wrote an excellent summary of his trip, with descriptions of the area and the different species of lemurs he encountered. It’s well worth a read.


A black indri lemur with large round yellow-green eyes clutches a tree trunk.
Indri in Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, photo courtesy of Wildlife Madagascar